Advancing configurable selling 

Salesforce with Epicor CPQ is the most flexible and easy-to-use solution to configure, price and quote highly-configurable, manufactured products

Serve every customer channel, anywhere in Salesforce

We don’t just lob over some data to your CRM, we provide in-depth integration to every critical pillar of the Salesforce platform

Salesforce CPQ
Complex product configuration for Salesforce Revenue Cloud
Visual CPQ for Salesforce
Smart, visual selling for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Visual configuration
The perfect end-to-end CPQ solution for Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce CPQ and CAD automation
Tailored buying experiences for every Salesforce Community

7 years as a Salesforce ISV Partner

36 countries are home to our licensed users

5,994 licensed users with Salesforce

CPQ for Salesforce

Accelerate profits with powerful selling and manufacturing automation

Complement your Salesforce instance with rules, visualization, website embedding, and CAD automation built for manufacturing and eCommerce.

CPQ for Salesforce

We help B2B and B2C customers in these industries

Heavy equipment
High tech
Retail / eCommerce
Modular building
Building supplies

Our joint solution is helping the world’s biggest brands

Johns Manville

How does Epicor CPQ optimize CPQ for Salesforce?

Accelerate profits with dynamic, visual selling

Visual CPQ Tools for Salesforce

Gain a competitive advantage with visual selling

Embed the buying experience on your website

“Beyond the visualization capabilities, Epicor CPQ has excellent integrations with Salesforce, AutoCAD and Solidworks for lots of different output workflows.”

NanaWall Systems

Control your product options and logic easily

Enjoy a powerful, no-code admin

Deliver an end-to-end solution

“Development is fun using their Snap rule engine and easy to learn. We were able to build configurators quickly.”

Johns Manville

Close the loop between your most critical teams

Salesforce Integrated CPQ - CAD Integration
Salesforce Integrated CPQ - CAD Integration
Salesforce Integrated CPQ - CAD Integration

Enable seller independence

Give engineering a head start

Help manufacturing stay accurate to succeed

Tighten up processes across the entire life cycle

“The most important value provided by Epicor CPQ is the amount of time that our developers save on having to solve some of these really complex problems, so they can focus on other key areas.”


See how Epicor CPQ connects Salesforce and the rest of your business to powerful and visual CPQ