Simplify complex product configuration 

Do you sell and manufacture highly-configurable tangible goods? Our product configurator solution handles your complex engineering rules, can be implemented quickly, and is easily maintained.

We know…it’s complicated

A lot of manufacturers don’t think it’s possible to simplify complex product ordering and manufacturing

You have complex engineering rules with mathematical functions, backed by a disperate systems and databases scattered with product pricing and attributes. You don’t think the technology exists that can handle this complexity in product sales, engineering, and production; or if there is, you cannot easily afford or maintain it.

Gartner advises companies with highly configurable products to adopt a maintainable CPQ solution quickly to gain an edge on the competition:

“Early movers will take market share from their competitors by significantly changing the way in which products are sold. If one of your competitors is already using this technology, you are probably being outsold and need to react quickly with your own initiative.”


Easily configure and sell anything, despite complexity

Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Manufacturing
Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Manufacturing
Complex Product Configurator Solutions For Manufacturing

Master complex product rules and workflows

Tap into limitless integrations and data sources

Build reusable objects and nest your configurators

“Epicor CPQ gave our customers and engineers the ability to design a water quality unit to fit their needs without waiting for a response from our sales people or waiting on a design from our CAD department.”

Lane Enterprises

Improve the customer experience to grow sales

Complex Product Configuration
Complex Product Configuration
Complex Product Configuration

Quicker customer service

Higher satisfaction rates

“We evaluated many different solutions and Epicor CPQ was the only one that could handle our complex requirements.”

Johns Manville

Reduce wait and touch time for engineering and sales

Complex Product Configuration Software
Complex Product Configuration Software
Complex Product Configuration Software

Let sales take control of their drawings

Dynamic CAD inputs and outputs

“Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With Epicor CPQ, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately.”

Merck Millipore

Solve for end-to-end orchestration with back-office and manufacturing integration

Aluminum and PVC industry worker taking measurements

Connect people, processes, and systems

Auto-generate manufacturing outputs

“Epicor CPQ provides a toolset that allows us to easily program configurators for any of our products and create documentation in any format for all departments within our company.”

The Prestwick Companies

See how we digitally transform complex configuration for product companies