Maintain innovation through automation 

Sell complex products quickly and accurately with KBMax and become a biotech digital leader

Remain agile in a volatile market

We know the competition’s fast and fierce. You’re battling to win more deals and make a real difference in patients’ lives. But operational complexity is restricting sales.


Biotech is booming

Accelerate agility and transparency

Simplicity: Use a visual configuration tool that’s easy to maintain. Deliver a frictionless interactive buying experience for distributors, sellers, and customers.

Speed: Generate CAD drawings and files, BOMs, assembly instructions, parts lists, and product renderings automatically. Eliminate bottlenecks for 38% faster sales cycles.

Scale: Streamline the introduction of new products. Develop a game-changing asset that transforms patient outcomes. Gain a long-term competitive edge.

The Biotech Automation Solution

Design, price, and quote the most complex configurations. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

A higher workload doesn’t have to mean higher costs. Achieve operational excellence through automation. Streamline sales, engineering, and the shop floor to shorten your sales cycle and eliminate errors.

Transform the customer experience

CPQ for Biotech
CPQ for Biotech
CPQ for Biotech

Make it easy for buyers

Empower your sales team

“We have received fantastic feedback from the customers who have seen the results of the tool, and our technical team members feel empowered in the field.”


Design, build, and ship products faster

Product configuration software
Product configuration software
Product configuration software

For everything else, there’s Snap

Automate workflows

“Our product configurator, powered by Epicor CPQ, allowed us to systematize our engineering experience to generate customer specific products within minutes, not weeks.”


Let your engineers innovate

Biotech configuration
Biotech configuration
Biotech configuration

Unify sales and engineering

Streamline the flow of information

“Before Epicor CPQ, our sales team would create quotes that didn’t reflect accurate pricing or engineering rules. They needed to submit them to the engineering team multiple times with multiple reworks until they were correct.”

Merck Millipore

Benefits of Biotech Automation for Sales

Why major biotech brands use KBMax

Boost sales

Provide a fully immersive buying experience – grow sales by 168%

Facilitate innovation

Let engineers focus on R&D to stay ahead of the pack

Sell faster

Design, price, and quote in minutes, not days

Reduce cost

Product rules and guided selling eliminate errors and cut waste

Streamline operations

Nail hand-offs – reduce sales-to-manufacturing complexity

Drive agility

Centralize data-sharing for real-time decision-making

What could you achieve with KBMax?