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Design and Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Manufacturing Automation

Streamline and connect your customers, sales, and engineering teams to the shop floor.
Oracle CPQ Cloud Replaced With KBMax To Connect Customers, Sales & Manufacturing

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the weight of manufacturing through automation.

With CAD design automation, workflows, BOMs, cut sheets, and inventory control you can be assured your shop floor has just what it needs to meet the demand of your customers and distributors.

Put your CAD to work.

With KBMax CAD Automation, product configurations can automatically generate the relevant CAD drawings and be sent on to your engineering and production teams.

No more bogging down your engineers with requests that slows down the sales cycle and keeps them from their core job duties. CAD Automation also provides detailed drawings and parts lists so your production team knows exactly how to deal with final assembly.

Take the guess work out of manufacturing.

Product configurations are tightly controlled because of the rules set in KBMax Snap. This means only valid configurations make their way through sales and engineering to the production team. Advanced rules allow you to be as flexible or as rigid as needed to allow for different levels of allowable product customization.

BOMs, cut sheets, and instruction documents can all be generated automatically based on the product configuration, ensuring a seamless transition from ordering to the build phase. This greatly reduces errors while increasing quota and margin of production.

Integrity throughout the entire process.

Because design constraints are already defined and validated in our configurator, you can feel confident about the integrity of the design when it is generated automatically. Your Sales teams will be assured that a configured product is always able to be built to customer specification.

The data for the transaction can also be passed into your CRM, ERP, and PLM systems, aiding customer management, orders, inventory, and invoicing processes.

Automating manufacturing connects customers, teams, and processes.

"Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With KBMax, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately."

Tom Roy
Senior Product Manager at Merck Millipore
CAD Automation

150% decrease in errors

4x increase in quote generation

From 8 week to 10 mins quote cycle time

Give your manufacturing process a kick-start.