Engage customers directly with powerful 2D/3D visualization 

Bring your products to life and boost conversions with our smart visual configurator

Click on a part of the shoe to affect its options. Click and drag to rotate the shoe, or use the Change View shoe icons.

Choose the main shoe pattern
Choose a lining color
Choose a lace option
Midsole Topline
Choose a midsole topline color
Choose a midsole color
Enter a name to personalize your shoe
* 5 character maximum
Change view
Choose a view angle

Sell your products visually to increase your sales

Epicor CPQ provides 2D and 3D product visualization that dynamically changes your product preview, options, and pricing in real-time – all based on options the user is selecting.

Immerse users in responsive 3D visualization

3D visualization
3D visualization
3D visualization

Show them what they are getting

Build and customize flexibly

Create dynamic and responsive 3D objects

Entice with interactive hot spots

“We are making it easier for our customers to accurately configure several of our most customized products in a virtual and self-service way.”

NanaWall Systems

Use 2D visual selling to drive a quick and lean experience

2D visual
2D visual
2D visual

Introduce quick, SVG rendering with smart logic

Keep the focus where it matters

“The number of orders that we’ve received has gone up significantly, and a large part of that is due to the customer experience where they can go through and customize our product.”


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visual CPQ solution
visual CPQ solution
visual CPQ solution

“We are doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way our customers visualize, configure, and buy our customized products. We now have a next generation tool our B2B customers can easily use to generate stunning custom designs much faster than we could have built for them.”

Outdoor Cap Company

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Epicor visual CPQ experience