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Visual Product Configurator

KBMax Visualization

Bring your products to life with our visual product configurator.
Visual Product Configurator

KBMax product configurator software visually sells your products to increase your sales.

KBMax product configurator software provides 2D and 3D shopping experience that dynamically changes your product visuals, options, and pricing all based on options the user is selecting.

Click on a part of the shoe to affect its options. Click and drag to rotate the shoe, or use the Change View shoe icons.

Choose the main shoe pattern
Choose a lining color
Choose a lace option
Midsole Topline
Choose a midsole topline color
Choose a midsole color
Enter a name to personalize your shoe

* 5 character maximum
Change view
Choose a view angle

Cool, huh? Want to check out more?

We have more visual configurators that you can test drive. Simply click a product to get access to additional features.
Try a 3D Demonstration of an Excavator
Configure a tool chest
Play with a parts picker

Interactive eBook

How Product Visualization Is Changing the eCommerce Game

Interact with research and insights aggregated by experts that have been virtual selling for over 10 years. KBMax provides this great resource to help companies understand the value of product visualization when selling in our quickly transforming, digital-first economy.

Access the interactive eBook

Engage your buyers with dynamic product visualization.

Product Visualization
Immerse in responsive 3D visualization.

Change colors, dimensions, perspectives, options, and more in real-time. Interactive 3D is deeply integrated with KBMax CPQ on both the end user side and the admin tool.

  • Hot Spots

Interact directly with the 3D image like opening a door, animating a piece of machinery, or “flying” the user into the interior of a vehicle.

  • Draggables

Drag and drop components into predefined locations.

Visual Product Configuration
Buyers visualize in dynamic 2D.

Products change dimensions in real-time as users enjoy customizing and configuring for themselves.

Visual Product Configuration Software
Place on your external website.

KBMax is the only visual CPQ solution that allows you to embed a product configurator on your website. Now your end buyers can visualize, dynamically price, and quote your products instantly.

The benefits of visual CPQ.

What does Gartner have to say about the impact to the business when introducing visual CPQ?

“Companies that implement visual configuration solutions see significant improvement in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, less rework in the factory and lower carrying costs for samples at retail locations.”

Visual CPQ

Increase your win rate.

Increase sales as much as 20% as prospects are more confident in what they are receiving, and more compelled to buy when they can see and interact with their product prior to purchase.

Visual Product Configuration Software

Sell products you couldn’t before.

Open up new opportunities with the ability to sell innovative, customizable products that were not easy to quote and produce before. With powerful rules and visualization, manufacturers ensure that they can safely stretch their bounds of manufacturing.

3D Visualization

Lower your rework and return rates.

Increase customer satisfaction and prevent revenue loss by eliminating miscommunication between your company and the customer.

Visual Product Configuration

Gartner Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration

We visualized a greater future for Tuff Shed.

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"The level of intricacy and detail they're able to provide to the sales experience is something I've never seen before. We're able to visually present our products in a way we've never been able to in the past. KBMax has truly been a game changer for us."

Moriah Hillibrand
Business Development Manager at Tuff Shed
Digital Transformation In Manufacturing Industry Stories

150% decrease in errors

4x increase in quote generation

From 8 week to 10 mins quote cycle time

Visualize stronger sales and manufacturing processes.