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CPQ Integration with MuleSoft

Connect KBMax with anything.

Connect your systems to KBMax using MuleSoft for a more integrated customer experience and product lifecycle.

Are your teams and production activities siloed?

The lifecycle phases of selling, ordering, design, and manufacturing products require the deepest level of integration.

Are you able to respond to customers?

Now more than ever, companies who manufacture and sell products are responding to customer expecations by digitially transforming to leverage the wealth of information available to them to improve buyer engagement, sales, production, and profitability.

You probably suffer from information scatter.

Systems and applications are scattered across the enterprise and this rich source of information can be used for dynamic pricing, CAD automation, order flowthrough to ERP, and more – making a huge impact to the customer experience and the way that products are manufactured.

Integrate CPQ easily throughout your organization.

It’s never been easier to connect all of your systems, apps, and data.

KBMax and MuleSoft have partnered to help KBMax users quickly and easily connect companies’ disparate data to the KBMax CPQ platform. KBMax‘s Connector Platform provides a universal connectivity layer to simply and securely enable reusable access to data from any cloud or onpremises system.

This pre-built connectivity allows KBMax customers to more quickly deliver satisfying customer engagements through KBMax’s award-winning visual CPQ software.

Connect to a wealth of systems.

MuleSoft allows you to connect KBMax to any endpoint 5x faster

Connect faster with out-of-the-box assets and tools to allow you to integrate with any data or system.

Leverage prebuilt and reusable connectors, templates, examples, and other integration assets that will rapidly speed up integration with your core business systems.

Imagine the possibilities...

KBMax's cloud-based configure, price, quote with interactive 3D visualization and engineering automation can work across many use cases:

You want your ERP system to be able to query a KBMax quote to get information from that quote, or to get the attached files from the quote.

You want a signal from an embedded device in your Internet of Things to move a quote to the next phase of a workflow.

You want an automated security system to scan all your users in KBMax on a periodic basis, to ensure data stored on the user records comply with corporate standards.

Questions about integrating your CPQ with the rest of your business?