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KBMax CPQ Analytics

Get in-depth insight into how your products are being interacted with and configured.
What Is CPQ Software And How it Prices

“How are visitors interacting with our products?”

The best digital marketers know the importance of measuring the user experience when on their website. With KBMax CPQ Analytics, your visual product configurator can collect key user experience data and push it to your preferred analytics platform.

You have burning questions on buyer engagement:

How many quotes are created each day, week, month, or year?

How much time is spent by users configuring a product?

How often do visitors abandon a product configuration?

Which options change most often before the quote is completed?

What is the abandonment rate of a certain product?

Where are visitors abondoning their product configuration?

KBMax CPQ Visual Product Configurator

KBMax enriches what you know about your buyers.

Increase your depth of tracking.

As you know, websites often track how visitors are interacting with each page of the website: where the user originated, when the page is visited, how long the user stays, etc. It is also possible to track specific user events on that web page, such as clicking buttons or making a selection.

KBMax takes it a step further by allowing visibility into how visitors are interacting with one of our embedded product configurators.

Configure Price Quote
Collect detailed interactions.

Any user-initiated activity can be tracked within the configurator which means you can get general or very specific data about the transaction.

KBMax Snap rules pass data from the embedded configurator to the hosting web page where your analytics platform can trigger based on the event.

KBMax Visual CPQ
Pass data to your platform of choice.

The best part is…our approach ensures compatibility with every analytics platform imagineable, even a custom solution. Any platform that accepts calling events via Javascript works with KBMax.

Companies that know more about buyers, sell more.


Increased Deal Size

Tuff Shed increased their average sale price their first year by 6% resulting in $7.6M in additional revenue. They use KBMax CPQ analytics to track the depth of engagement by their visitors, filtered by device.

3D Product Configurator

An Optimized Experience

Use past user behavior to enrich future shopping experiences. Serve up the right products and options to the audience most likely to be receptive to them.

CPQ Quote Generation

Insights into Quotes

Get detailed metrics on how many quotes are created, completed, and abandoned in a certain timeframe. Find out which products, sales people, and distributors are creating the most deals and who is delivering the largest deals.

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