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CPQ Integration Platform

KBMax Integration

Our CPQ integration platform, KBMax Connector, manages your data from anywhere.
KBMax Connect

KBMax Connector drives more connected processes.

Push and pull data from ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, NetSuite & Infor or CRM/CPQ platforms like Salesforce or CAD systems like SolidWorks and Creo or your PLM like Propel.

CPQ Integration Platform - KBMax Connector

Complete your Quote-To-Cash workflow vision.

KBMax Connector seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture, with the ability to read/write from databases, make web service calls, send emails, and has a full REST API to integrate with virtually any business system.

KBMax Connector Quote-To-Cash Workflow

Harness the power of REST web services.

KBMax supports REST web services to push and pull data for configurations, quote line items, orders and more to connect people. departments, and process.

CPQ Integration Platform

Outbound Requests

Examples of KBMax requesting information from other systems:


    Ask the Stock Market

What is the current price of a precious metal used in our product, so we charge a fair price?


    Ask inventory system

Is there enough inventory to support a certain product option, or should we hide that option?


    Ask contracts system

Does this customer enjoy special pricing for any components in the product?

Inbound Requests

Examples of KBMax waiting for your own services to query it:


    Your CRM system asks

What is an acceptable discount range for sales to keep in mind when selling this product?


    Reseller requests same discount range function

Re-use business logic by providing them secure access to the same function.


    Your PLM system asks

Are there any newly-approved products to be inserted into the repository?

It’s never been easier to connect all of your systems, apps, and data with KBMax.

KBMax and MuleSoft have partnered to help KBMax users quickly and easily connect companies’ disparate data to the KBMax CPQ platform. KBMax‘s MuleSoft Connector provides a universal connectivity layer to simply and securely enable reusable access to your data from any cloud or on-premises system.

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Manage your data from anywhere.

Directly access your product data through a database or web services layer for a “single source of truth”.

Your rules are based on product master metadata and attributes to provide resiliency over fragile SKU references. This dramatically speeds up the set-up of your product configurator and allows you to easily maintain your rules.

Our environments provide a simple & powerful release & deployment mechanism with the ability to efficiently integrate with databases, ERP, and PLM systems.

Surface product configuration on your website.

Placing some HTML into your own web page will include the configurator you want, with the display options you want.


    Context-aware configurator

Your web page can pass fields, values, and other data into the configurator.


    Full-circle communication

Send messages from the configurator, back out to the web page to drive a dynamic, personalized experience.


    Unforgettable purchasing

Use the best of both worlds to create a world-class user experience.

We handle a diverse set of integrations.

Our typical integrations include the following but our Connector can connect KBMax with any of your business systems.

ERP Integration

Items, customer data, bills of material, and routings are shared with your ERP, so they only need to be managed in one place.

CRM/CPQ Integration

Connect to Salesforce CPQ and CRM for powerful pricing and quoting. Manage your leads in the Sales Cloud who configure your products on your website, in-store or with sales reps.

PLM Integration

Connect your information throughout the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively – from ideation, design, and manufacture through service and disposal.

eCommerce Integration

Connect with your ecommerce platform to empower your customers to purchase your product after they configured it how they want it.

An integrated business is an efficient business.

"We are impressed with the value KBMax has brought to the RFQ and downstream processes. Our internal administrators are always making improvements."

Bernard Kwetkus
Director, Proposals and Inside Sales at Teledyne

Visualize stronger sales and manufacturing processes.