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Document Automation Proposal Software

Document Automation

Document automation proposal software lets your business rules drive proposals and CAD drawings to ensure a smooth and fast sales cycle.
Document Automation Proposal Software

KBMax connects people, departments, and your entire business.

Dynamically generate the stuff that slows you down.

With KBMax, you can create comprehensive quotes for your customers. Include line items for fully priced configurations, view and edit Bill of Materials (BOMs), and generate dynamic quote documents.

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Document Automation Proposal Software

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Enrich and simplify your processes.

Easily create and manage your quotes.

Let your customer configure your product and request a quote when they’re happy with it. KBMax then automatically creates proposals, quotes, and Bill of Materials.

You have complete control over branding, logos, product images, pricing, terms, shipping, etc. so that you can make them as pretty as you want.

Simplify your process.

Automatically generate accurate visuals, sales-level CAD drawings, cut sheets, and Bill of Materials for your manufacturing team to start building. This data can also be automatically passed into your CRM, ERP, or PLM systems.

Empower your network.

Our workflow engine lets your dealers and distributors build accurate configurations and quotes before submitting them for approval and creating an order.

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