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CAD Automation for Manufacturers

KBMax CAD Automation

Help close the loop between your sales, engineering and production teams.
CAD Design Automation Integration

Our CAD design automation integrates with the most popular CAD platforms to auto-generate drawings.

Manufacturing doesn’t have to wait for multiple sales and design cycles in order to get to work generating revenue. KBMax’s CAD design automation accurately generates CAD drawings for the team ensuring that the rules of the manufacturing process are followed.

Help all of your teams by automating Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and PTC Creo 3D models and drawings. Use bottoms up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to generate fast CAD models and drawings for sales and manufacturing.

Automating CAD bridges customers, teams, and processes.

"Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With KBMax, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately."

Tom Roy
Senior Product Manager at Merck Millipore
CAD Automation

150% decrease in errors

4x increase in quote generation

From 8 week to 10 mins quote cycle time

Eliminate the bottlenecks for sales, engineering, and production teams.

Sell with certainty and confidence – and speed. With CAD automation, you can configure products along with your customers and produce validated drawings and pricing instantly.

CAD Design Automation
Connect your sales to your shop floor.

Need to churn out more custom sales quotes with drawings in less time? With CAD automation, your sales teams won’t have to wait for engineering to validate configurations or manually process drawings.

CAD Automation
Save time and money.

Our CAD automation helps automate the quotation process, saving huge amounts of time for your sales teams and anyone contributing input to your quotes.

This directly impacts sales costs and profit margins on each sale. Our customers have seen their design cycle times slashed from weeks to minutes.

CAD Automation for Manufacturing
Reduce errors.

Because design constraints are already defined and validated in our configurator, you can feel confident about the integrity of the design when it is generated automatically. Your Sales teams will be assured that a configured product is always able to be built to customer specification.

KBMax can generate a Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOMs), a highly detailed parts list for your manufacturing team. The parts list can be passed into ERP systems, aiding inventory and invoicing processes.

The CAD automation process

CAD Renderings Automation


Step 1: Set up

Manufacturer uploads their CAD files to generate the 3D visuals and engineering rules for configuration by the end buyer.

Sales CAD Drawing Automation


Step 2: Configure

Customer configures the product based on their requirements. The user is prevented from configuring something that isn’t allowed in manufacturing.

Sales Engineering Automation


Step 3: Generate

Generate cut-sheets and manufacturing-level drawings for the shop floor and pass data directly into PLM, PDM, and other downstream business systems.

Automate your engineering processes with KBMax.