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Advanced CPQ Rules

KBMax Snap Rules Engine

Our revolutionary CPQ product rules engine helps you easily set-up and maintain your product configurator.
Oracle CPQ Cloud Replaced With KBMax A Rules-Driven Approach

Increase sales and decrease errors with KBMax Snap.

Get set up right away and easily maintain your configurator with the help of our revolutionary advanced CPQ rules engine, KBMax Snap. Unlike other CPQ platforms, it’s robust enough to handle complex mathematical functions, product rules, and manufacturing data.

KBMax Snap

Gain greater consistency and reliability in the engineering and manufacturing processes with rules that enforce proper configuration and design.

Easy to set-up and maintain.

To build rules in Snap, you simply drag blocks from the toolbox and snap them together to form logic statements.

Snap thinks like you do. Need to set an image? Select and see the image right in the rule. Snap blocks contain dropdowns, color-pickers, buttons, etc. to make your job easier.

Advanced CPQ rules
Handle even your most complex product rules.

Our customers have complex products that demand complex rules. Snap is not limited like other text-based rule languages. It is Turing Complete, meaning it can build any advanced algorithm.

Advanced Language Features:

  • Variables
  • Custom Types (classes)
  • Loops & Arrays
  • Queries (SQL, Table, Array)
  • Functions & Subroutines
  • Debugging
  • Dynamically add/hide/limit options based on previous selections
CPQ Rules Engine
Reduce errors.

Snap blocks include visual cues to reduce errors. There is real-time validation that tells you exactly what’s wrong as you write the rule. Clicking the validation error takes you straight to the problem area, and presents a way to fix it.

If you don’t have a way to debug your rules, you’re shooting in the dark. Snap rules can be debugged using any of the built-in browser debuggers.

Advanced CPQ Rules Engine
Manage your data.

Directly access your product data through a database or web services layer for a “single source of truth”. Your rules are based on product master metadata and attributes to provide resiliency over fragile SKU references.

This dramatically speeds up the set-up of your product configurator and allows you to easily maintain your rules. Our environments also provide a powerful release and deployment mechanism.

CPQ Rules
Create workflows.

Multiple sales channels like dealers, distributors, and reps often require special pricing workflows. You can easily set up these custom approval loops to automate discounting, email notification, and transfer to other business systems like your ERP.

KBMax Snap is a real force for efficient CPQ.

KBMax Snap

168% increase in sales

KBMax Snap Rules Engine

150% decrease in errors

KBMax CPQ Rules

Over 8,000 Snap admins

How easy-to-use is the Snap rules engine?

"Development is fun and easy using KBMax SNAP which lets us build our configurators quickly."

Mahesh Lakkireddy
Sr. Web & Integration Manager at Johns Manville

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