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KBMax CPQ Software

Comprehensive CPQ software that elevates the selling experience and streamlines production.

KBMax is SaaS: Fast, Secure, and Reliable CPQ Software

KBMax Cloud removes the headaches from deployment, scalability, and security. One mouse click deploys KBMax to worldwide users without any additional hardware. Elastic scalability removes bandwidth concerns. Best in class security is out of the box to keep your intellectual property safe.

More Engaged Customers and Better Connected Teams

Configure, Price and Quote: Advanced CPQ Rules
Sell any product, no matter the complexity, simply and efficiently.

Sell more and larger deals with a guided selling experience.

KBMax Snap CPQ rules engine is the backbone of our revolutionary CPQ platform – providing a no-code method of building complex logic. This means sales people or customers can get exactly what they want while ensuring you can actually manufacture it.

Visual Configure, Price and Quote
Provide an visual customer experience that encourages buying.

Sell more and larger deals with a guided selling experience.

Immerse users in a 2D, 3D, AR, or VR environment embedded on your website that dynamically updates products, options, and pricing all based on options the user is selecting visually.

Configure, Price, Quote CAD Automation
Run the business more efficiently, helping almost every team.

We relieve stress and bottlenecks across multiple departments, allowing employees to focus on important work instead of transactional tasks.

Sales automation and quoting integrates with backend ERP and CRM systems to simplify the lives of Sales and Accounting teams.

Automated CAD and design, manufacturing document generation, and workflows provide fast and accurate information to Engineering and Production teams to give them head starts.

How does KBMax Configure, Price, and Quote software transform business?

"We are impressed with the value KBMax has brought to our company. Our internal administrators can continuously improve our downstream processes."

Bernard Kwetkus
Director, Proposals and Inside Sales at Teledyne
KBMax CPQ Software Solutions Transformed Teledyne

Web embedded configuration

Faster quote time

No more complex Excel files for quoting

Over 10,000 Sales People and 400,000 of Their Customers Use KBMax

Complimentary Gartner Report

How to Select a Configure, Price and Quote Vendor

About 80 vendors currently offer a CPQ solution.

This note guides application leaders through best practices for selecting a CPQ vendor using Gartner research, tools and inquiry

  • Perform due diligence and pick the winning vendor
  • Follow Gartner’s four-step evaluation process
  • Learn best-practices for vendor analysis, RFPs, demos, and more


How to Select a Configure, Price and Quote Vendor, Mark Lewis, 5 November 2019

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