Visual Product Configurator: Why Seeing is Believing

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What is a Visual Product Configurator? ?

In the simplest of terms; a Visual Product Configurator is a powerful tool used by salespeople, distributors, manufacturers, and customers alike to self-select options and view immediate results as they build 2D or 3D products. 

Product customization is all around us today and has quietly become an expectation when it comes to the buying experience. In the early ’70s, Burger King ran an incredibly successful campaign inviting their customers to “Have it your way”. In the fast-food world, this gave Burger King the advantage over the McCompetition. Even 40 years, and a few different slogans later “Have it your way” still resonates with BK burger lovers and maybe an indicator of their success through the pandemic

How is Product Visualization Changing the Game?

Get a data-driven perspective on how visual selling is becoming the future norm for B2B companies.

The digital world has created an expectation that products can and should be tailored to customers’ specific needs. The challenge many companies face is how to create a personalized, “have it your way experience” for more complex products at scale.  Utilizing visual product configurators allows for the customization and updating virtually everything from the product options and add-ons to pricing and discounts seamlessly. This creates trust with customers and building confidence amongst the sales team because everything can be done in real-time.

How to Build a Product Configurator ?

This is where investing in a 3D Visual Product Configurator comes into play and the buying trends move away from mass production and towards mass personalization. Epicor CPQ has intrinsic knowledge spanning across 8 major industries including Retail, Manufacturing, and Biotech, to name a few. Our powerful 3D configurators meet customers where they’re at today, online. A prime example is the customization options many of us have when buying a pair of shoes.


Another, more complex example is how a customer can completely customize and build their very own backyard getaway.


Epicor CPQ and Shopify work seamlessly together and streamline the buying experience. Since shopping online has become even more of a necessity for 2020, businesses of all sizes are benefitting from Visual Product Configurators and breaking into the eCommerce space.

Athletic gear company, Xenith were no longer able to meet with their customers in person with the onset of Covid-19 to show off their latest components and helmets. This was a prime opportunity for them to utilize Epicor CPQ Snap and take their business from the playing-fields of America to scoring a touchdown in the digital arena with ease.

We All Win, Together ?

The ability to customize products isn’t limited to the customers’ benefits. Streamlining and integrating the configuration and quoting processes gives companies powerful insights into customer behaviors. The knowledge gained here can help companies unearth trends for different use-cases that can be valuable for goal setting and product offerings. A major benefit for internal teams surfaces during the quoting process where notably we helped the pharmaceutical company, Merck reduce their quote time from 8 weeks to about 10 minutes. This increased their quote generation by 99%!   

It has been said that none of us could have predicted what 2020 had in store for us. Due to restrictions and shutdowns, it became even more challenging for companies to reach their customers. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies over the years and we’re dedicated to helping them and others like them be successful. If anything, 2020 taught us that personal touches matter, that streamlining processes matter, and that the overall health of teams matters. Investing in a solution like 3D Configurators can fill those gaps, investing in Epicor CPQ ensures companies get the partnership they need to be successful.