Our 4 Main Takeaways from Dreamforce 2017

KBMax at Salesforce Dreamforce
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Well, another Dreamforce has come and gone, and this year reached a new level of magnitude with 170,000 attendees, $1 million raised for equal access to education and jobs, and 2,700 sessions. With so much going on and the vast amount of knowledge coming from the conference, we wanted to capture our team’s 4 main takeaways that we are taking back to our office.

Kevin Jackson, VP of Sales

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived.

A main theme in Marc Benioff’s keynote was the fourth industrial revolution, a new era of growth in the tech industry that is marked by intelligence and connection.

According to Benioff, “There’s all these amazing new technologies, things like autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence and nanotechnology and mobile computing and all these things are really hitting at once. And companies are really transforming themselves and bringing all these new technologies in really to connect with their customers in new ways.”

In order to compete in this new environment, your company needs to utilize these new innovative tools specifically in the 3D and AR space. It was so cool and exciting to see people stop by our booth to see our customer driven visual configurations since they did not know something like it existed.

Kevin Bennett, CTO

The concept of “B2B2C” was stressed a lot.

With the new technology available in this fourth industrial revolution, a customer’s expectation regarding their buying experience is changing as well. They expect the same treatment and hands-on experience they would expect in a B2C buying experience- exceptional customer service, timely response rate and an easy way to complete their purchase.

The most noteworthy advance which we are seeing during this transformation is the use of 3D and AR in the sales process. Companies are now able to show any product on their website or in a sales meeting in 3D or in Augmented Reality, so potential customers can see exactly what they are purchasing and how much it will cost them. A process that once took businesses several weeks to complete can now be done in a matter of minutes- the definition of B2B2C.

AJ Jones, Sales Engineer

The customer is demanding a new buying experience.

It is amazing to see the technology and people that Dreamforce brings together.  During Marc Benioff’s keynote we were introduced to innovative technologies like smart tires with multiple sensors that are connected to networks, connected motorcycles from Ducati, and even smart coolers from Coca Cola.

It was stressed that these technologies were developed, because their customers were demanding a new buying experience. Companies are working to understand and satisfy this demand in order to connect with their customers in an entirely new way.

The ones paving the way for these innovative solutions are members of a community consisting of millions of innovators, disruptors, and shapers that are affectionately referred to as “Trailblazers.” The trailblazers’ stories were highlighted throughout the week and constantly reminded me to keep the customer and their needs at the forefront of what we do at KBMax.

Lauren Habig, Director of Marketing

You can still be inspired at a tech conference.

Dreamforce is refreshing since you hear advice, personal stories and philosophies at the show that help you see technology, your career and yourself in a completely new light. Typically the same jargon and themes are repeated at tech conferences, but DF always gives me new insights that I take back with me to share with my team, friends and family. I have even written these three down on post-it notes to always remember their messages:

Michelle Obama, Former First Lady: “If someone doesn’t like me, they just don’t know me.”

Ginni Rometty, IBM: “Don’t let somebody else define who you are.”

Ashton Kutcher, Co-founder of Thorn:

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