KBMax and Epicor: Connecting the shopping cart to the shop floor

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We’re excited to announce that KBMax has been acquired by Epicor, uniting two companies that are all in on accelerating growth for manufacturers of complex products.

With Epicor’s 40 years of experience in the ERP space on our side, we’re connecting the shopping cart to the shop floor more seamlessly than ever before.

Read on to find out how and why you should join us in future-proofing your engineer-to-order operation. And what the Epicor acquisition means for existing KBMax customers.

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A One-Stop Solution for Manufacturers of Complex, Engineer-to-Order Products

Why are KBMax and Epicor the perfect match? Because we’re both laser-focused on the complex, engineer-to-order space.

Together, we’re able to provide manufacturers with:

  • A seamless connection between sales and operations that improves planning and production.
  • A single source of truth for rapid delivery of sales quotes that increases sales rep productivity while reducing mistakes.
  • The ability to dominate self-service eCommerce through visual product configuration.

Epicor CPQ has Redefined CPQ and eCommerce for Highly Configurable Products. And We’re Not Done Yet!

Epicor CPQ’s advanced and visual CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution makes it easy to sell complex configurable products both on- and offline.

Sales reps can use a visual product configurator to sell products digitally and visually. And end-customers can use the same configurator to self-serve through eCommerce – all manufacturers have to do is embed their configurator into their website.

Product and pricing rules ensure that every configuration is optimized for engineering efficiency and margin maximization. And Epicor CPQ’s easy-to-learn no-code rules engine, Snap, can be maintained in-house by non-technical users.

Like other CPQ solutions, Epicor CPQ auto-generates sales quotes, estimates, and proposals for configurable products. Unlike other CPQ solutions, KBMax generates CAD files, cut sheets, and BOMs. CAD and design automation shave weeks off sales cycles, remove engineering bottlenecks, and kickstart manufacturing.

The Epicor + KBMax End-to-End Solution Helps Your Business Digitally Transform

The Epicor and KBMax partnership is all about providing a one-stop solution that connects manufacturers’ front- and back-of-house teams. With sales reps, distributors, partners, and direct customers all working from the same playbook, you can remove complexity, enhance visibility and get more deals done faster – the result: an average increase in annual sales of 168%.

The Epicor + KBMax solution looks like this:

Stage 1: Digital Selling

KBMax creates an information-rich and highly differentiated buying experience for complex products (the more complex, the better!) Sales reps and end-customers can interact with products in 3D, gaining a deep understanding of every option.

Stage 2: Advanced CPQ

Complex product configuration, dynamic pricing, engineering and manufacturing automation, omnichannel selling – everything is streamlined with KBMax’s advanced CPQ.

Stage 3: Ecommerce

Customers can complete their purchase through Epicor’s comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution. Thanks to product and pricing rules, there’s no need for any input from sales or engineering.

Stage 4: Connectivity

Epicor ERP connects all the dots, tying vital inventory, costs, pricing, and customer data to every order.

The overall result

Manufacturers can deliver an awesome, visual buying experience that syncs with their backend systems.

KBMax and Epicor Will Supercharge Your eCommerce Capabilities

80 percent of today’s B2B buyer journeys take place online. Selling complex engineer-to-order products through eCommerce is the future and the here-and-now.

At Epicor CPQ, we’re helping new and existing customers navigate the escalating trend of self-serve and online business. We’re equipping sales reps with vital new skills and building virtual showrooms for manufacturers to sell their products.

With Epicor CPQ, users can configure products remotely using gaming-quality graphics and get instant 3D renderings and dimensioned drawings. As a result, buyers have the confidence they need to make immediate purchase decisions wherever they’re situated worldwide.

What Does the Epicor Acquisition Mean for KBMax’s Existing Customers?

Short answer: nothing.

KBMax will continue to support its standalone solution. And Epicor is 100% committed to supporting business continuity for existing KBMax users.

KBMax customers will gain access to even greater technology solutions and services than they’ve ever had before.

Here’s the Bottom Line…

Epicor and KBMax exist to serve the essential businesses that make, deliver, and sell the things everyone needs. We’re dedicated to keeping these businesses digitally competitive and scaling their online capabilities.

The Epicor acquisition is a match made in heaven for manufacturers of complex, engineer-to-order products. With Epicor and KBMax, manufacturers can provide unparalleled immersive buying experiences while streamlining their entire end-to-end sales-to-manufacturing process.

If you want to achieve a 105% increase in deal size, 40% increase in conversion rate, 35% increase in production, and 38% faster sales cycles, then join us in connecting your shopping cart to your shop floor.