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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Epicor for CPQ

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CPQ Sales Re-Imagined with Epicor CPQ

We’ve collected the top 10 reasons that customers tackle their CPQ sales challenges with the help of Epicor CPQ and our visual CPQ platform.

1.) Rules Engine

Easily handle the most complex product configurations with dynamic fields, dependent logic, and mathematical calculations. Build your manufacturing processes using our advanced CPQ rules engine.

2.) 2D & 3D Visualization

Provide an immersive customer experience by allowing sales people, distributors, or customers to visually update product options in real-time. Allow for the easiest method of ordering and change management with visual CPQ.

Want to try out a 3D visualization?

You can interact with a real and dynamic product configurator in 3D.

Check it out

3.) End-to-End Automation

Digitally transform your entire sales channel by connecting it with the shop floor. Connected sales, engineering, and manufacturing processes results in a controlled product configuration ensuring that everything can be produced with confidence.

4.) Integrations

Remove headaches with our REST API that can connect any of your business systems and processes. We make it easy to integrate with anything.

5.) Services Team

Implement CPQ sales quickly and easily with guidance, training, and support from the Epicor CPQ services team. Epicor CPQ also works with world-class SI (system integration) partners to construct your CPQ sales solution.

6.) Omnichannel Experience

Sell and buy from anywhere…direct from distributors, on-site with your customer, or better yet, directly from your website. With Epicor CPQ omnichannel CPQ sales experiences are easy to centrally build and control, as well as easily differentiate for your different buying audiences.

7.) Design & Manufacturing Automation

CAD automation generates CAD drawings during the configuration phase to speed up the sales process and relieve pressure from your engineering team. We integrate with the largest CAD platforms – SolidWorks, PTC Creo, and Autodesk. Epicor CPQ manufacturing automation generates BOMs and cut sheets that are immediately sent to your manufacturing team.

8.) Document Automation

Shorten the sales cycle and increase professionalism with document automation that generates stunning proposals, quotes, BOM’s, contracts and more.

9.) Dynamic Pricing

Price your product as it’s configured with dynamic fields and any level of complexity for calculating real-time prices. Auto-calculate taxes, build logic-based pricing models, and leverage workflows that can automate internal approvals and discounts.

10.) Instant On

Constantly support your customers with our true cloud technology that delivers 99.999% CPQ sales uptime and scalability.

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