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Configurators, Golf Carts – and Bowling?

Giving KBMax customers of all skill levels a deeper dive into KBMax.

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    Earlier this month, KBMax kicked off a series of Hands-On Workshops with our first stops in Chicago and Minneapolis.  The premise of the events was simple – give our prospective customers of all skill levels and roles who had seen KBMax in action through demonstrations and presentations, a chance to come in and work with our tool firsthand.

    In the workshop, customers worked on building and enhancing a golf cart configurator for the fictitious company CartCo.  They were able to do everything from adding new golf cart options for customers to choose from, to setting up controls for the 3D visuals of the configurator, to creating quote packages for the customer chosen options, all using our Snap visual configuation rules language.  After a chance to discuss specific company needs and use cases during lunch, our team took the attendees through several deep-dive sessions on topics of interest including more advanced Snap rules, integration to other business systems, and CAD automation – all with a chance to put everything into practice at Cartco!

    After the event was over, attendees were invited to stay to enjoy some bowling.  From the overwhelmingly positive reactions and responses to the events, we will likely do more of these in the future.

    If you’d like to see a Hands-On Workshop for KBMax in your part of the country, let us know at sales@kbmax.com!

    John Randazzo

    John Randazzo

    As an Account Executive at KBMax, John guides our prospective customers along the exploration path of the KBMax solution to show how we can help solve their major business issues.