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    Back in 2018, Forrester predicted B2B eCommerce sales would reach $1.2 trillion by 2021. It surpassed that number in 2019. Now there is no more doubt in a B2B eCommerce strategy. So how do you choose the best software for your organization?

    The best B2B eCommerce software should have these three features.

    1 – Robust configurations

    The best eCommerce platforms have robust integrations with CPQ solutions to empower your customers to configure your products according to their specifications. Full and robust customization options and even visual configurators are what will elevate your customer experience, boosting the confidence of your customers to convert right then and there.

    How to Deliver a B2B eCommerce Experience

    Executives shouldn’t think of eCommerce as "just another sales channel". Learn how this massive shift in B2B buying is shaping how companies win or lose.

    2 – Diverse pricing options

    Is your pricing displayed on your website? Does it change based on the channel (partners vs direct)? How much do customizations factor into the price? This is one of the bare requirements that elevate any eCommerce platform to one meant for B2B organizations like yours. How that platform presents and dynamically changes pricing should be a core element when reviewing software.

    3 – Consultations and quotes

    Every eCommerce platform you consider should give you the opportunity to set up consultations and quotes for your products or services based on what the customer is seeking. Having your eCommerce platform directly connected to your CRM allows your forms and other contact methods to be stored in one place. This makes for a smoother purchasing process behind the scenes for your salespeople.

    So which B2B eCommerce software is right for your organization?

    Let’s look at some of the leading B2B eCommerce software and weigh the pros and cons of each platform.

    Shopify Plus

    Shopify is a platform known for state-of-the-art eCommerce, especially their B2B eCommerce solution. Shopify prioritizes user experience, and delivers on all bare minimum requirements that your eCommerce platform should have.


    • Integrates with CPQ software like KBMax
    • Advanced custom pricing
    • One-step checkout
    • Dedicated storefronts through the same back-end
    • Wholesale capabilities
    • Ecommerce automation
    • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant


    • Limited content capabilities
    • Locked into Shopify as a full platform
    • Relies on apps for customization
    • Limited product variations


    Magento is one of the most popular B2B eCommerce solutions around, and one of the only ones meant specifically for B2B. This open-source platform offers incredible features and functions that can be installed on any site. Magento also provides all our bare requirements for a good B2B eCommerce solution.


    • Free to download
    • Completely customizable and extendable features
    • Large selection of integrations
    • Great content marketing capabilities
    • Integrates with CPQ software like KBMax
    • Dedicated storefronts through the same back-end
    • Unlimited product variations
    • Instant cart and check-out pages


    • Large learning curve that requires a developer to implement
    • Limited support
    • Doesn’t include hosting, security, and back-ups
    • Magento commerce plan (the premium) is costly
    • Compliance is on the shoulders of the business (that’s you!)

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    If your organization is already using (or is looking to move to) Salesforce, then the Salesforce Commerce Cloud should be the first place you look for a B2B eCommerce solution. Because it’s a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, it already works seamlessly with your CRM, inventory, and quoting systems.


    • Super easy and fast deployment
    • Feature rich based on customer feedback
    • Cloud-based
    • Minimal IT intervention for upgrades or new additions
    • Premium support
    • Integrates with CPQ software like KBMax


    • Inconsistent UI
    • Too many options and features

    Upgrade to the best B2B eCommerce platform for your business in 2021.

    B2B eCommerce is growing exponentially as we head into 2021. Lead the way into the future of B2B selling by choosing the best B2B eCommerce platform for your organization.

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren Habig

    Lauren has over 13 years of marketing experience and has learned from industry experts at companies like HP and Salesforce.

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