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Biotech Automation

Sell your complex products faster and with confidence.

KBMax allows you to respond faster and more accurately to your customer’s needs by closing the loop between your sales and engineering teams.

We understand the challenges faced by Biotech manufacturers.

There is stiff competition across multiple categories of biotech and your company is fighting to win more deals, and more quickly, in order to better supply your customers.

The competition is fast and fierce.

It takes too much time to pull together the right people and outputs to shape the quotes and deals that run your business. You want to reduce the time and effort to get the supplies to the companies that are making the impact on patient outcomes.

You have complex products and every deal seems to require custom engineering drawings. Just figuring out pricing takes training, knowledge, and hours of time.

With your current model, how can you scale? How can sales people each juggle a dozen client deals at once? It’s impossible to respond to multiple RFPs/RFQs fast enough to compete, or make it worth the effort.

The Biotech Automation Solution:

Design, price, and quote complex configurations from anywhere, using any device.

Create a common communication platform for the customer, sales, and engineering and eliminate the painful napkin sketches, non-standardized pricing, and slow deal cycles when selling your manufactured goods.

Take a Dynamic, Rules-Driven Approach

With KBMax your configuration, pricing, manufacturing, and assembly rules can live in one knowledge base to control the entire sales to manufacturing process.

Allow Only Valid Configurations

With rules-driven configuration, buyers get a product that is configured exactly how they want - and sales, engineering, and production teams have confidence that it can actually be built.

Reduce Engineering Wait and Touch Time

Quickly generate real CAD outputs for sales quotes, Customer Acceptance (CA), and manufacturing drawings that your teams can validate or further customize for the customer.

Benefits of Biotech Automation

Make a huge gain in sales and engineering capacity and capability by implementing digital transformation.

Instead of adding headcount that hurts profitability, automate sales and quoting, technical design, and order throughput with KBMax Biotech Automation.

Increase the quote hit rate, boosting your conversions by as much as 40%.

Automate the entire sales and approval process to eliminate bottlenecks and errors in fit, pricing, and availability.

Improve your Customer Experience (CX) with immersive 3D drag & drop ordering.

Leverage business logic and dynamic pricing for fast and accurate quotes.

Reduce the sales cycle to mere minutes or hours — instead of days or weeks.

Generate CAD outputs for pre-sales and engineering, reducing load for both teams.

Merck Millipore increased their quote generation by 99%.

"Our sales team previously submitted quotes to our engineering team multiple times for rework until they were correct. With KBMax, they now create quotes that reflect our engineering rules for our customers immediately."

Tom Roy
Senior Product Manager at Merck Millipore

Sales Cycle: 3 Weeks to 1 Hour

$4.5 Million in Cost Savings

7 Product Lines / 1000s of Global Users

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