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Visual CPQ & Product Configurator Software

Sell more. Manufacture faster.

Our visual CPQ delivers an awesome buying experience, a faster sales cycle, and a more efficient manufacturing process.

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Struggling to efficiently sell and manufacture your complex products?

Companies with highly configurable products are torn.

You recognize the potential value of visual configuration. But you also fear the risk of inaccurate orders and the nightmare of managing a constantly changing environment.

Visual configuration on its own, is not enough.

These anxieties grow since many cool visual configuration tools aren't easy to set up or maintain. Fears of customer service escalations, product delays, and cost overruns drive many to stick with the status quo.

KBMax = Visual CPQ with Brains

We provide visual configuration that’s smart, easy, and connects your sales to the shop floor.

Set Up and Maintain Product & Pricing Rules

KBMax is unique because it’s simple to create and maintain logic for visualization, pricing, product rules, and integrations.
Customers tell us they experience more orders with less errors—while also discovering that their effort to manage and update the environment is easy.

Visually Configure, Quote, and Sell

Our visual customer experience boosts conversion rates by 40%. Quickly deliver an interactive buying experience for your sales reps, distributors, and even to end customers on your website.
You don’t just get a great visual experience, they get a seamless buying experience—one that also delivers value and profits to you.

Automate Product Design & Manufacturing

KBMax rules-driven configuration ensures your users can configure their product just the way they want it, while their creation always follows your manufacturing rules.
Automatically generate CAD drawings and files, bill of materials, assembly instructions, parts lists, and product renderings - all created without any input from engineering.

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KBMax helps product companies increase sales volume and accuracy while eliminating manufacturing bottlenecks and mistakes.

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

168% increase

in annual sales

Product Configuration Software

38% faster

sales cycle

Visual CPQ

35% increase

in production

Elevate your customer experience and accelerate sales with KBMax.

Enable distributors, sellers, and customers to configure products easily.

We’re on the grids and stuff.

KBMax is recognized by major solution recommenders, including being awarded the highest performing leader on G2’s Grid for Visual Configuration.
Visual Configuration Momentum Leader

Top Momentum Leader on G2’s Grid for Visual Configuration

Featured in the Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration

Heads up! You can also run KBMax with Salesforce.

Learn about how KBMax acts as the “Super C” for Salesforce CPQ

The “Super C” for Salesforce CPQ Visit KBMax on AppExchange

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